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Get rid of sleep apnea

Silent Sleep Training is a throat muscle training that has proven effectiveness in treating sleep apnea.


The most common cause of sleep apnea is relaxed throat muscles.


With Silent Sleep Training, you train your throat muscles, which prevents breathing interruptions while sleeping

silent sleep training

Stronger together

Silent Sleep Training consists of two components, the Training App and the Medical Didgeridoo. The app is your personal trainer and coach, the Medical Didgeridoo is your training device. Both components are essential for the effectiveness of Silent Sleep Training and only unfold their effect in combination.

"...I have great news. About 3 or 4 months ago, I had 19 interruptions at a sleep screening. That's why I was in the sleep lab a week ago. Today, I had the result discussion with my pneumologist. It's sensational. They couldn't detect any interruptions in me!..."


The Silent Sleep Training App is your companion and helper. It supports you with all questions about Silent Sleep Training and accompanies you through your individual training program

Medical Didgeridoo

The medical Didgeridoo is the central training device and must be connected to the app for full functionality. Together they form the core of Silent Sleep Training, with the app monitoring and guiding the training.

Medical Basis

Proven in Medical Studies

Silent Sleep Training has been studied in two medical studies. It has been proven that regular training strengthens the throat muscles and thus prevents the airways from collapsing at night.

Proven in Medical Studies

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Start now with Silent Sleep Training and enjoy a natural sleep again.

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