About Us



Swiss Made

We also want to make money, but we don't do it at the expense of others. That's why Silent Sleep Training is 95% Swiss made. We only import the parts that are not available in Switzerland.

For Everyone, Not Just a Few

Our goal is to make Silent Sleep Training accessible to everyone who needs it, regardless of their social status or origin. Everyone has the right to restful sleep.

Family Business

The company behind Silent Sleep Training was founded by Alex Suarez. To bring his vision to life, he passed the project on to his son, Aron Suarez, who is using new technologies to realize his father's vision.

Latest Technologies

Our aim is to always work with the best and latest technologies, as they allow us to be flexible and agile, which only benefits our customers.

SST History

Silent Sleep Training is built on 10 years of experience and several thousand patients.

Concept Development

Alex Suarez and his son Aron combined their experiences and developed a concept that consisted of an app and a medical didgeridoo equipped with a microphone.


Prototype Development

The first prototype was developed, consisting of the app and the new medical didgeridoo, and initial trials were conducted with family and friends.


Starting Over

We realized that the approach to the material of the medical didgeridoo was not working. We took the experience and developed a new prototype.



Once it was clear what the product should be, work on the regulations began, as Silent Sleep Training is a Class 1 medical device.


Market Launch

After completing the first production and all the regulations, we began the market launch. Shortly after the market launch, the COVID-19 pandemic began.



The pandemic hit us hard because Silent Sleep Training cannot be used in cases of acute respiratory illness.


Recovery Began

We used the time of the pandemic to work on the product and our internal processes.


The Restart

The project had survived the tough times thanks to friends and family. We didn't let ourselves be discouraged and developed Silent Sleep Training Version 3 from the ground up. The instrument, packaging, and app were rebuilt from scratch. We thank everyone involved from the bottom of our hearts.


Here We Go

In early 2024, Version 3 of Silent Sleep Training will be released, and we will make Silent Sleep Training accessible to all who want it.


Alex Suarez

His Problem Led to a Solution for Many

Originally a trustee and corporate auditor, Alex Suarez later worked as a martial arts instructor with his own school for over 20 years. When he was diagnosed with sleep apnea in his early 30s and was given a CPAP device like all patients, he returned home.

Over the next 14 nights, he and his wife suffered from poor sleep because the devices were noisy and uncomfortable. Determined to make a change, he returned the device and told his doctor, "Before I use this thing for the rest of my life, I'd rather die 20 years earlier." He realized he had to take action and asked his doctor to explain exactly what the problem was. The realization was that relaxed muscles and tissues in the throat were causing the breathing interruptions.

Thanks to his experience as a martial arts instructor, he came up with the idea of training his throat muscles. After unsuccessful attempts with various methods, he came across the Australian didgeridoo through a student. Inspired by the movements he observed in his student, he experimented with a "modified" didgeridoo. Although the throat movement did not have the desired effect, he noticed that the instrument generated gentle air pressure and vibrations in the throat.

The idea matured that special movements with a modified didgeridoo could have an effect. After contacting his doctor again, he agreed to measure Alex again in the sleep lab after his self-experiment. After a three-month self-experiment with his medical didgeridoo and his sleep apnea playing technique, the crucial measurement came. The morning after, Alex Suarez was discharged from the sleep lab as cured.


Origin of Silent Sleep Training

The beginning of Silent Sleep Training was completely analog.

First Study

After the successful self-experiment by Alex Suarez, he was approached by the University of Zurich to conduct a study as a co-author to see if he was a fortunate individual or if others could also benefit from his success. The first study demonstrated that the positive effects on sleep apnea occurred in other affected individuals with correct training.


British Medical Journal

The study was published in the prestigious British Medical Journal and is considered a model study in professional circles due to its rigorous design and execution.


First Patients

After publication, Alex Suarez began sharing his knowledge with other affected individuals so that they could also find restful sleep.


World Sleep Apnea Congress in Seoul

Alex Suarez was invited to the World Sleep Apnea Congress in Seoul to present his therapy.


First Instructors

The first instructors were trained to make Alex Suarez's therapy accessible to more people.


Start of the Second Study

The goal of the second study was to find out what happens in the throat of patients who have been freed from sleep apnea. This was achieved through MRI images.


Conclusion of the Second Study

The second study demonstrated that training with the therapy invented by Alex Suarez reduced fat deposits by up to 40%, tightened connective tissue, and built muscle.


Fundamental Decision

Alex Suarez realized that the concept of using instructors was not feasible for the masses of affected individuals. He knew that the future of his invention had to be digital. This is where his son came into play, as he had spent his career in software development. Alex Suarez conducted a pilot study with UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) to explore initial attempts in digital patient education.