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The most common cause of sleep apnea is relaxed throat muscles.
Silent Sleep Training is a throat muscle training.

The Silent Sleep Training combines a training app with the Medical Didgeridoo. The app serves as your personal trainer, while the Medical Didgeridoo acts as your training device. It connects to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. During training, you perform two specific exercises that are analyzed by the app to monitor and optimize your progress and quality. These exercises specifically strengthen the muscles in the throat area.


The Silent Sleep Training App is your companion and helper. It supports you with all questions about Silent Sleep Training and accompanies you through your individual training program.

Medical Didgeridoo

The medical Didgeridoo is the central training device and must be connected to the app for full functionality. Together they form the core of Silent Sleep Training, with the app monitoring and guiding the training.


The most common cause of sleep apnea is relaxed throat muscles.


With Silent Sleep Training, you train your throat muscles, which prevents breathing interruptions while sleeping

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Ig Nobel Prize Award

The Ig Nobel Prize, or as it's sometimes called, the 'small' Nobel Prize, is now highly regarded in the field of medicine (awarded at Harvard University) and is a great honor for us.

Success Stories

...I have great news. About 3 or 4 months ago I still had 19 dropouts in a sleep screening. That's why I was in the sleep lab 1 week ago. Today I had the results discussion with my pulmonologist. It's sensational. They couldn't find any dropouts in me!... name: T.R. - text: I have been practicing regularly with my Medical Didgeridoo for eight weeks now. This has had a very positive effect on my sleep behavior, so that I snore considerably less. The Silent Sleep Training is varied and makes practicing fun. Thank you very much for the stimulating program. Best regards
Thank you very much! I also have to compliment you, the Silent Sleep Training is really great and my snoring has already improved extremely. Your customer service is also great ;-) Lg
Dear Mr. Suarez The medical didgeridoo is the BEST thing for me. On June 23, 2020, I ordered the medical didgeridoo from you. On January 14, 2021, I was able to celebrate my first success (AHI 3.32). For safety reasons (road traffic office), the AHI was measured again on a voluntary basis on August 30, 21. Another great result! Playing the medical didgeridoo has proven itself. From then on, I played didgeridoo. After two years I was called up for a check-up again. The current sleep medical follow-up control on August 17, 23 also showed a continued excellent response to the therapy with the didgeridoo. I am 81 years old and will be back for a check-up in two years."
After learning from my partner that I snore unbearably loud, I searched for solutions and found silentsleep training. With an app I was also able to record my snoring and that really nobody wants to hear. So I started practicing and that very disciplined. My snoring score has improved significantly within three months (from 35 to 5). I will continue to train anyway, because it works, I am firmly convinced of that. Great product! Great job! Great team!
Thanks and best regards Gerhard
Good day I would like to thank you very much for the redesigned website with the new games and the clear statistics. The connection from the didgeridoo to the laptop is now also stable. So practicing is really fun again!
Best regards Brigitte
Through regular practice with the Medical Didgeridoo, not only has my sleep quality improved absolutely, but also my lung volume, which I notice especially during sports. The exercises are very well explained and very easy to implement. In the meantime, playing the Medical Didgeridoo has become part of my daily ritual: It has something meditative about it.
Best regards and thank you again! C.F.
Hello Aron A big compliment for your new Silent Sleep Program! I find the games graphically very appealing. "John" speaks precisely, briefly and also a pinch of humor is included. (Treasure of the Crab) The instruction through the beginning of the training is clearly structured and well guided. I also appreciate the game "Simply Blue" Sometimes I just want to practice and not collect treasures or destroy spaceships. :-) Thank you very much for letting me switch to the basic program so easily. I wish you much success with your "newcomer"
Best regards Carine