The Heart of the Silent Sleep Training

Your Personal Trainer

The app is like your personal trainer, supporting you every day and guiding you through the training program. You can use it on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, so you can train anywhere.

AI That Understands What You Play

Our Didge AI analyzes the sounds you produce and provides feedback, ensuring you always have an effective training session.

Data Security

Your data is safe with us. We only share it with you if you explicitly allow us. We will always keep you informed transparently. The audio data you produce does not leave your device. This means we cannot hear what you are playing.


To make your daily training fun, we have a catalog of games that is constantly expanding. There are games for beginners and advanced users, for those who like colorful and those who prefer simple – there's something for everyone.

AI Personal Trainer

Always There for You

The app takes on the role of your personal trainer, accompanying you, answering your questions, and motivating you. You can ask your personal trainer questions about the Silent Sleep Training, your training, and much more.
*Only in the Premium App from mid-2024


Didge AI

Understanding is Most Important to Us

The Didge AI is specifically developed to provide real-time feedback on your tone, so you always play the optimal tone for the most effective training. The tones you produce never leave your device as audio data, so you don't need to worry about your privacy.



Something for Everyone

To make your training both fun and effective, we have developed special games. You will learn two tones on the Medical Didgeridoo that enable you to play these games. There are options for everyone, from complex games for enthusiasts to simple training aids for targeted practice.


Data Security

Safety and Transparency

All the data we store from you is needed for at least one of three reasons. Because it's required by medical device law, to improve our service for you, or for your safety. We do not share your data with third parties without your permission and we will communicate this transparently to you.



You Can Count on Us

AI and Human

We rely on the latest technology like artificial intelligence for Silent Sleep Training. We are aware of the limitations of this technology and you can always contact us personally.

Email Support

We primarily work with email support. This way we can help you quickly and easily with most issues.

Online Meeting

Should we find that we can't assist you in writing with your request, we will arrange an online meeting to provide you with optimal assistance.

No Telephone Support

We do not offer telephone support for two reasons. First, we can't effectively assist you with app-related questions over the phone, and second, not all audio frequencies are correctly transmitted over the phone.