The Heart of Silent Sleep Training

The Silent Sleep Training App is like a personal trainer that guides you through your training. You receive support and can complete your training in an entertaining and enjoyable way thanks to gamification. To ensure you are doing everything correctly, your training is monitored by our AI. If needed, you will receive support – also personally from us.

Your Personal Trainer

The app works like a personal trainer, supporting you daily and guiding you through the training program. Use it on your computer, smartphone, or tablet to train anywhere.

AI That Understands Your Performance

Our Didge AI analyzes the sounds you produce and gives you feedback to keep your training effective.

Data Protection

Your data is safe with us. We share it only with your explicit permission and always inform you transparently. The audio data you produce does not leave your device, so no one can hear what you play.


To make your daily training enjoyable, we offer a constantly growing catalog of games. There are games for beginners to advanced users and for every taste – whether colorful or simple.

AI Personal Trainer

The app takes on the role of your personal trainer, accompanying you, answering your questions, and motivating you. You can ask your personal trainer questions about Silent Sleep Training, your individual training, and much more.
*Available only in the Ultimate App from mid-2024

Personal trainer, training with client

Didge AI

The Didge AI is specially developed to give you real-time feedback on your tones, ensuring you always hit the optimal tone for effective training. Your tones as audio data never leave your device to protect your privacy.

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To make your training both fun and effective, we have developed special games. You will learn two tones on the Medical Didgeridoo that allow you to play these games. There is something for everyone, from complex games for enthusiasts to simple exercises for targeted training.

Data Protection

All data we store about you is needed for one of three reasons: legal requirements, improving our services, or your safety. We do not share data with third parties without your consent and inform you transparently.