Medical Background

Prof. Dr. Milo Puhan

Prof. Dr. Puhan was involved in the first study in 2005 and was the study leader in the second study. Alex Suarez, together with Prof. Puhan and the study team, won the Ig Nobel Prize for their work with the medical didgeridoo.

Basic Research That Paved the Way for Silent Sleep Training

After Alex Suarez's successful self-experiment, he was approached by the University of Zurich to see if he was willing to conduct a study as a co-author to determine whether he was a fortunate individual case or if others could also benefit from his success. In the first study, which was also published in the British Medical Journal, it was proven that the positive effect on sleep apnea also occurs in other affected individuals with proper training.

What Happens in the Throat During Silent Sleep Training Was Investigated

In the second study, it was proven that with proper training, the naturally occurring fat pads in the throats of the subjects were reduced by more than 40%, and the musculature was visibly strengthened. This connection between therapy and direct impact is rare in medicine and was described as "spectacular" by Prof. Dr. Puhan. Prof. Dr. Puhan summarized the results of the two studies in a letter. The letter emphasizes once again that those who use Silent Sleep Training as instructed train their throat muscles and thus reduce sleep apnea.