Telemedicine Diagnosis

Usually, it is necessary to schedule an appointment with a general practitioner, who then refers you for a sleep apnea diagnosis to a pulmonologist, sleep medicine doctor, or ENT physician. With us, coming in 2024, you will have the opportunity to receive a diagnosis for sleep apnea without visiting the doctor's office.

Phone Appointment

Through the Silen Sleep Doctor App, you can schedule a phone appointment where a specialist will conduct an anamnesis with you.


Subsequently, the measuring device will be delivered to your home. You sleep with this easy-to-use device for one night. The data is encrypted and uploaded to the cloud through a wireless connection with your smartphone.


Your specialist will promptly evaluate the measurement data. Afterwards, you will receive a notification in the app. In a subsequent phone call, the doctor will explain the next steps to you.

Silent Sleep Doctor App

Central Interface

The Silent Sleep Doctor App offers you the opportunity to centrally organize communication and management of your documents for the sleep apnea diagnosis. This allows you to take your time after the diagnosis to calmly consider the next steps. All relevant information about your diagnosis is stored in the app, so you can access it at any time. Data security is our top priority: Your data remains your own and will not be shared with third parties.